Actually hold the breaks.

Uber has started mapping Vancouver. Which means that Uber is likely expecting it’s ride sharing service to become legal withing the year. The BC government is working hard to allow ride share apps to become legal in the province by December.

The mapping project will help determine where the entrances are on buildings, so when the app finally launches, cars are not waiting in the back of any buildings.  It will also give more accurate time estimates to waiting customers. So overall the mapping project will make the Uber thing a lot smoother once it launches.

Legalizing Ride Sharing in BC has been in talks for a while, and during this past provincial election a number of parties included legalizing the service as a part of their campaign promises. Now that we have our new party and Premier in place, it’ll be interesting to see if they make good on their promise to bring the service to the province by the end of this year.

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