It’s no secret that this summer has been one of the worst for heat and lack of rain in recent memory. The heat wave last week created new August 1st temperature records for Tofino (28°C) and Victoria (25.9°C) . August 2nd saw Abbotsford (34.1°C), Chilliwack (35.6°C) and Tofino again (31.5°C) break temperature day records.

But it seems like some much needed relief could be coming soon!

It looks like by Wednesday we could finally see the sun, and it won’t be covered in red haze.

There also looks like we could even see some rain by Sunday! As of right now, Environment Canada is reporting a 60% of showers for August 13th.

rain vancouver


The rain could also reach Chilliwack and Abbotsford. Also predicting a 60% of showers that day,as well as a 60% chance on Monday, the 14th.

abbotsford weather rain

Hopefully this doesn’t change. We definitely need the relief as more than 535 fires are burning across the province. The smoke from the fires has even been causing issues with the air quality in the lower mainland. Last week it was reported that the air quality in Vancouver was worse than Beijing. 


-Bailey Parker 



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