* Insert cheap Wingardium Leviosa levitation spell joke here *


If you’re a muggle in the streets but a Slytherin in the sheets, Harry Potter-inspired lingerie is now available. Yandy’s Magical Student Fantasy Lingerie comes in Gryffindor’s colours of burgundy and grey:


Yandy’s description: “Cast a bewitching spell in this exclusive Magical Student Fantasy lingerie costume featuring a sheer, grey lace crop top with a white collar, a sheer, burgundy high waisted panty with a grey lace trim, a cheeky cut back, removable burgundy and gold suspenders, and a matching striped tie. (Glasses and wand not included.)







This is probably the next step in the evolution of the “sexy” Harry Potter Halloween costume.



The new lingerie set is currently available for preorder online for their September shipment and will run you up around $45 CDN.

BTW the company’s “Fantasy Lingerie” collection also includes naughty looks inspired by well-known Disney characters because nothing is sacred…










-Kevin and Sonia



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