BIG BROTHER is your Summer addiction and every week we’ll be picking the brain of the evicted house guest to get the real deal on what went down in the house! Time to chat with Ramses!

What a rush being on a show like Big Brother hey? You truly never know what to expect on a game where “expect the unexpected” is the motto. Which twist had you the most mind blown this season?

So far the biggest twist that happened was the den of temptation. And it kind of sucked that I was a casualty of the first one but I can kind of say that I was the casualty of the biggest twist so far. I had to put myself up on the block, that is the worst position you can be in in Big Brother. It’s cool that I was able to put myself through that situation and survive it.

Out of all the drama with alliances and deal breaking that’s bound to happen which blow up did you secretly love watching go down?

I mean there was a lot. The craziest one for sure was when Mark and Josh were fighting outside. That was so hilarious to watch because I wasn’t involved and I felt like two other people are putting themselves as a bigger target. Josh has such a temper and Mark is like a teddy bear but you know he has the potential to have a temper too. It was kind of great to watch that happen in a way.

You didn’t really have a “side” in the house. Do you see that as the downfall of your game this season?

I definitely believe so. My game plan was to try and bond with one person and confide in them what you can so that they believe that they’re on your side. That person for me was Jillian, she left very early in the game and from there I was in a very limbo state because nobody really trusted and nobody really knew where I stood in the house.

If you could have had a fun showmance with one person in the house who would it have been with and why?

Matt cause he’s so hot, omg! He’s beautiful! And I kind of had a showmance with him although Raven was there too but whatever. I love Raven and I love Matt! We were the first threemance of Big Brother.

Speed Round!

Most sincere player was: Kevin
Sneakiest houseguest was: Paul
Most likely to be friends with you was: Kevin
Who you’d like to see go far in the game: Elena


New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global
New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global

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