Who do you think was in the wrong? The Riverdale crew or the Vancouver busker?

Last night, production crews were finishing filming scenes at the Vancouver Art Gallery, when Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on the show, was recorded confronting a Vancouver busker that was performing near the set.


As seen in the video, Cole asked if the busker could hold off performing for about an hour, so they could wrap up filming, “we’re beginning you, our production in there, we can’t film anything.”

In response, the busker makes reference to the request of compensation:


A frustrated Cole can be seen telling fans, “just in case you don’t know how this works, this is one of the secrets of film production. We give a location to the city, and then some scam artist comes out.”

The busker appeared offended by this and started to defend herself, “I’m going to interrupt you — I play here regularly. Regularly, everyday. So you guys came into where I perform? So you can’t call me a scam artist because you guys came into where I perform.”


A second video has surfaced online, of Cole breaking one of the buskers CD’s that was given to him by fans:



While some people believe the busker had the right to be there, others sympathize with the frustrated RIverdale crew, due to the delay.


-Kevin and Sonia



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