“Look out! Here comes the Spider-Maaaaaaaaan!”

Remember the OG cartoon theme song? Ahahaha! Now THAT was some epic singing back in the day right?! From Comic to TV to Film, Spidey’s definitely been around the block swinging through the hood as friendly and as neighbourly as can be.

If you’ve been waiting to see Spider-Man Homecoming, you’re definitely not alone. I checked out an advance screening last night and some of those in attendance were not only excited, but downright rabid. Those who casually strolled in 10 minutes in advance were turned away with free passes for a future screening in hand. The show was understandably sold out. Note to late comers. Step your advance screening game up. Spidey is no joke! Neither was security, ousting someone who snuck in and took a designated media seat. That’s how in-demand attendance was.

Ever since Sony and Disney became besties for the betterment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and mankind, we’ve been eagerly awaiting our friendly neighbourhood future Avenger to kick it with his superhero homies on screen. In Spider-Man Homecoming, we find Peter Parker in his mid-teens going through the motions of high school knowing he has a greater mission ahead of him at some point in the future. Think about how many times you’ve waited for that hot toy, that mouth watering dinner you’ve waited to make all week, that promotion at work that may or may not come, our boy Pete has zero chill and even less patience waiting for his phone to ring and his mission to be presented so he can finally accept it.

The movie picks up after The Avengers, where Spidey was called upon by Tony Stark to help the gang, and finds our webbed wonderkid in an internship with his mentor. The dialogue stays true to the comic with campy chats between our awkward star and his teenage friends, as boredom from not being able to fulfill his higher purpose sets in. I’m confident that even millennials would tell this dude that life isn’t handed to you, and respect is earned but alas, ain’t nobody got time for that.

When the silk slinging sob story stumbles upon a new super weapon that’s found its way into the wrong hands, he sets out to right a few wrongs and winds up in the biggest debacle of his life. How DARE these wrong doers do wrong?! Not on Spidey’s watch! Maybe THIS will be the key to unlocking the gates to Avengerville! Well, he’s gonna have to do away with a shady self proclaimed diabolical deity first. How is he supposed to do this AND lead the U.S. Academic Decathlon team at the regionals?! Life as a Spidey shouldn’t be so rough!

Action. Adventure. Attitude. Acrobatics. Straight A’s. Michael Keaton kills it as Vulture, and there’s a magical plot twist that will leave your jaw on the floor, and if the whole theatre doesn’t gasp at the same time, Bob’s definitely not your uncle, and May ain’t your aunt. Out of all the Arachno-sapien superheroes, Tom Holland knocks it out of the park as Parker in the latest reboot of this storied franchise.


Spider-Man Homecoming is right up there with The Avengers and Iron Man films and it will leave you wanting more. Your Spidey senses won’t be the only things tingling? – The Ara Show

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