The world was watching as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Chris Martin and so many more took the stage in Manchester for the “One Love Manchester” benefit concert.

What was it like to be there? How emotional was it to be in that venue when everyone told each other “I love you”? Jade, Jordan and Lindsay spoke with our reporter Maurie Sherman about the experience.



“It was emotional. There was people crying everywhere, but also laughing and dancing everywhere” Jordan said about the overall feel of the place. “Liam Gallagher came on at the end, that was a big highlight for me.”

“Every single artist have an emotional 1 to 1 conversation to the crowd. I didn’t notice any fear in the place, it was bringing people together. I think it really did what it needed to do” Jordan said when asked if the event did what we hoped it would do.”

“It was great. It was really good seeing everyone hugging each other. It was just better then anything I’ve ever been to,” Jordan said when asked about that moment when Miley Cyrus asked everyone to tell the people around them “I Love You.”

“It was up and down so quickly. 1 second you wanted to cry and 2 second later you’d be bouncing up and down wanting to party,” Jordan continued.

“Everybody was in tears singing along,” Lindsay also describes the vibe at the show to us.

“Especially after what happened Saturday night, everyone was really nervous. But here, you felt secure. Everyone wanted to prove a point: Love will concur hate,” Lindsay says about why this event was important.

Jade tells us the best moment for her was, “seeing the policeman dancing with the crowd was amazing, even thought they were doing their job, that wanted people to feel safe and comfortable.”

“It just shows that were not going to let these people stop us from doing these things,” Jade says about why she was glad she went to ‘One Love Manchester’.

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