They have been locked away for almost 20 years, but the ‘Animaniacs,’ could finally be escaping the Warner Bros. tower!

The favourite 90’s cartoon is in talks to be rebooted by Executive Peoducer, Steven Spielberg. Which means Yakko, Wakko and Dot could be escaping to find some baloney, in the near future. #HelloooooooooNurse!

IndieWire is reporting that Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment have been in talks, but they are still in the early stages. Warner Bros. has declined to comment on the possible reboot.

If the reboot does happen, the show would need a home because the WB does not exist anymore. But who are we kidding, Netflix would most likely take a jump at this opportunity, because why wouldn’t they? Netflix added the original Animaniacs to their line-up last year, which was popular with critics and fans alike.

One major thing on our minds is… does an Animaniacs revival, also mean the return of ‘Pinky and the Brain’?! (This might be their triumphant return, to take over the world!) We can only hope. #Please

Since the theme song is so happy and infectious, check it out here:

The ‘Animaniacs’ officially ended in 1999 with the straight-to-video release of “Animaniacs: Wakko’s Wish.”

If the Animaniacs get the go ahead, the show will join retro cartoons ‘Ducktails’ and ‘Hey Arnold’, set to be released later this year.


-Kevin and Sonia



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