Since last week’s unexpected cancelling of the Pemberton Music Festival, thousands of people have been stuck with now useless festival passes. Don’t want to go through the hassle of getting your money back? Now you can swap your ticket for Tall Tree, happening on Vancouver Island.


When Pemberton announced it was filing for bankruptcy and cancelling the 2017 festival, those who were left with tickets were left wondering what to do next. The statement on the festival’s website said that immediate refunds were not available, but you could still get your money back. That is, if you had used a credit card and were willing to go through the paperwork to get your money back that way.


But if you hadn’t used a card, or didn’t want to go through the hassle, you were kind of left feeling SOL.


Way Home music festival in Ontario decided to capitalize on Pemby’s bad luck by offering misplaced concert-goers the chance to swap their Pemberton pass for a Way Home pass instead. You have until June 30th to use this option, but if a trip to Ontario seems too far, you can now swap your ticket for a festival closer to home.


Tall Tree music festival, which is happening in Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island, is allowing people to trade out their Pemberton passes starting today (May 24th.)


In a release, TTMF organizers said they “understand the inherent challenges operating multi-day festivals and sincerely empathizes with the organizers of Pemberton Music Festival, however do not agree with a ‘no-refunds policy’ on a cancelled event.”


The exchange program is limited to a first-come, first-serve system and the festival will honour ticket exchange inquiries in sequence to a maximum of 250.


The three-day festival takes place from June 23 to 26. 2017.

To claim the ticket exchange, view terms and conditions and for more information can be viewed here.

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