Let’s admit it, we all get a little kick out of watching a fight break out over social media. Don’t lie, you’ve sat back and spent hours going through someone’s twitter battle to pass the time.

The Vancouver Police Department took a jab at Manitoba and their recent weather, and before you know it an all out twitter war was ON.

Monday, the VPD reached out on twitter and said: “Dear Manitoba, we’re sorry to hear you’re still having snow. Sincerely, Vancouver. Ps – did anyone mention we’re hiring?”


It’s hard to argue with the VPD after seeing those beautiful pictures of blue skies and the glorious water (we just won’t mention all of the rain we’ve gotten lately. shh…).

The Manitoba RCMP responded with an AMAZING comeback, comparing Vancouver and Manitoba’s housing prices.



That wasn’t all, the Winnipeg Police got on board as well, taking a crack at Vancouver’s weather.


Vancouver Police then responded saying everything was all in good fun.


Did you think they were done after that? OF COURSE NOT. They also reached out to Edmonton Police to convince them to leave the snow behind and embrace the West Coast. Edmonton fired back though, making it clear that YEG is the place to be.




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