Kasey and Natalie from the KiSS Crew got the chance to check out a preview of the newest Transformers movie, courtesy of the Transformers IMAX Footage Event!

Dive into a fresh new take on the Transformers franchise with its latest addition Transformers: The Last Knight! You will discover a brand new chapter in the world of Transformers dating back to medieval mythology with the Knights of the Round Table and their autobot counterparts the Knights of Cybertron.

Fast forward to modern times, Optimus Prime is absent from Earth while a battle for survival is starting to form between the human race and the Transformers. Mark Wahlberg returns as Cade Yeager, a Transformers sympathizer and struggling inventor with some other familiar characters from the last Transformers installment, as well as some new faces. They will have to band together to answer this question: why do the Transformers keep coming back to Earth?

This film guarantees to “wow” you with dazzling visual effects that can only be attributed to the legendary director, Michael Bay. The brand new characters are sure to become fan favourites, and the brand new types of Transformers are a must-see!

Catch it in theatres June 23rd!

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