Is it Summer yet?! I mean forget about Spring already cause that’s not happening soooooooo let’s fast forward to Summer and Blockbuster season! The 2nd Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming dropped today and it’s not only insanely cool but FULL of Easter eggs if you’re a super nerd like I am! I won’t spoil it for you but by the 4th time you watch, you’ll (literally) see what I mean!

Oh and Michael Keaton playing another flying wing flapper makes sense. He’s gonna steal the show fo sho as Vulture! Now…imagine…just for a moment…that at the end of the movie he drops the suit and re-emerges as Batman and we FINALLY have a Marvel/DC crossover on our hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okaaay fat chance I know…but how cool would that be!?! Guess we’ll have to wait til July 7th to find out!

The Ara Show


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