The merc’ with the mouth is back! Trying to save the day and making fun of his favourite X Man, Logan in the first teaser for Deadpool 2.

The video, which is filled with Logan references, is a short that plays before the movie if you go to watch it in theatres this opening weekend.

Titled “No Good Deed” the video shows us Wade Wilson walking down the street to see an old man being robbed at gunpoint. Wilson ‘quickly’ springs into action and finds a near by telephone booth to transform into Deadpool. Making fun of the classic Superman trope, he struggles to put the costume on and we even get to see Reynolds backside (thank you Marvel) as he tries to put on the skintight red suit.


By the time he actually suits up, though, it’s too late. The guy’s been shot and there’s comic book creator Stan Lee making his next Marvel movie cameo appearance. “Wow, nice suit,” he says. “Zip it, Stan Lee,” Deadpool shouts before he runs upon the bloody scene and we hear, “Oh, Jesus. That’s not good.”

Another easter egg in the clip reenforces that Cable will be in the second film. “Nathan Summers coming soon,” is written on the phone booth, another nod to the X-Men character Cable, who was first announced for the sequel in a Deadpool post-credits scene. Speculation right now is that Nathan Fillion will be playing the role as there is also a Firefly posters hanging in the windows behind the phone booth.


As the video comes to an end we hope, are we FINALLY going to get some idea of when Deadpool 2 is going to come out? Nope. The last words on the screen say “Deadpool, not coming soon enough” Ugggggggggggggh!


The first movie’s director, TJ Miller, isn’t returning the franchise due to creative differences with Reynolds, which appears to have caused some delays. The second movie will be directed by David Leitch, best known for directing high-octane action movies like John Wick and The Mechanic.


Deadpool is set to return to Vancouver for filming and the tentative release date is March 2, 2018.


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