There’s another way to get to Victoria from Vancouver and it’s all about luxury.

Starting May 1st, V2V Vacations will be offering daily trips between the two cities in a ferry, except this one is fancier than BC Ferries. These ferries are designed for tourists who want to go between the two cities and want to make it an experience.

It’s a 3.5 hour ride, and for $240, you can book yourself a one-way First Class seat which includes, premium seating, a three-course meal, and complimentary coffee, tea, and water. We should mention, not all seats are that expensive. The lowest price fare is $120 and just gets you a seat on board.

As for features on the boat, each seat is made of premium leather, has outlets, includes Wi-Fi plus options to purchase, food and alcoholic drinks. (No word on if this one has a Triple-O’s.)

So how does it sound? Are you in?

Before you go buy yourself a ticket on this ferry in the spring, keep in mind there are still other affordable ways to get to the island.

One way on BC Ferries can be as little as $17.50 when going from Tswassen-Swartz Bay and if you want a quicker way to get there, Helijet can be as little as $170.

You can read more about Riverside Marine here.

-Kevin and Sonia