“JK LOL you thought spring was almost here!” ~Mother Nature

Now we don’t want you to panic, but you’d be pretty pissed if it snowed and we didn’t say anything, right?


vancouver snowy weather


Right now, Environment Canada is predicting a 30% chance of flurries in the Metro Vancouver area for Saturday night of the 25th.

Then, Sunday’s forecast is looking like a 60% chance of show or “rain showers” for the morning.

As of right now it’s too far out to see what the rest of Sunday and into next week will look like. Plus, the weather around here changes pretty quickly. We just don’t want to say anything and then get even more snow.


Better safe than sorry, right?

Sorry for ruining your day, but really you should be misplacing your rage on Mother Nature, not us.


We’re 30 days to spring people, WE NEED CHERRY BLOSSOMS, NOT SNOW.


Rant over.


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