Crazy things can happen at a wedding, that’s for sure.

A family fight/meltdown/tantrum?





Somebody got a little too ‘open’ at the ‘open’ bar?





An extremely famous musician and heartthrob showing up to serenade his friends AKA the bride and groom for their first dance at the wedding?

Probably not.

But, that’s exactly what happened for some lucky wedding attendees when none other than Shawn Mendes performed at a wedding recently!

The 18 year old had the whole place swooning when he busted out a song written specifically for the union of the two, and of course was so extremely sweet while performing it!

It looks like there was also some other singer celebs in attendance, judging from this Tweet from The Voice Season 1 winner Javier Colon.



Okay. Officially jealous of this couple.

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