We haven’t heard anything about Suicide Squad or one of our favorites Harley Quinn since the middle of December but word on the street is, Harley Quinn may make an appearance in Gotham as early as its current season 3 run!

While Cameron Monaghan is still hogging the scene as Jerome, the wannabe-Joker executive producer John Stephens didn’t waste time in giving another teaser of who’s coming to the show this season and we’re not complaining!

In a teaser to TV Guide, Stephens revealed that a Harley Quinn prototype was already in the works. And though there was no definite timeline of when this appearance may be happening—there has been a lot of talk, but mostly thanks to the buzz of Suicide Squad—now, the producers are able to give a date…..duh duh duh….

“We might see [her] in Episode 22.”

That’s a very definitive reveal, and considering the proximity to the next season, it’s possible that it is also the set-up needed for when Gotham gets renewed for another season., um yes please where’s the petition?




Suicide Squad Seaqul and All Female Cast?!




It was nearly 4 months ago when Suicide Squad hit the big screen and well most loved it(the box office numbers speak for themselves: $745.6 million globally) there was a few who thought it missed the mark.That being said  Margot Robbie brought it home and surprised everyone with an epic portrayal.of Harley Quinn.NOW the fantastic news broke today that we may not get one but THREE Suicide Squad follow ups! Suicide Squad director David Ayer is said to be staying  in touch with the DC film universe for an all-female film called Gotham City Sirens, which will star Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn!




in addition to Gotham City Sirens, DC and Warner Bros. are working on a Suicide Squad sequel and a spin off featuring Will Smith’s Deadshot, who arguably had the next best performance in Suicide Squad so we’re not complaining about this one bit!  ALL THIS MEANS…..three films that will directly follow up on Suicide Squad!

With all that being said there’s still so many unanswered questions like where would Jared Leto’s Joker is going to appear again?  Plus, there’s Ben Affleck’s The Batman, which we all assumed would feature Joker or Deadshot (remember Deadshot has a huge beef with Batman in Suicide Squad). But, at the moment, we only know that Deathstroke is in that movie. All three of those guys could appear in that movie. Or just the one, WE JUST DON’T KNOW

I mean all these actors hold their own for films on their own so why would they cast them all in one film if not but to make sequels!




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