How would you like to sip on a beer while getting a haircut, or enjoy a glass of wine with your pedicure?

The B.C. government has announced that as of Jan. 23, 2017, it will expand liquor licensing to all types of businesses in the province, opening up new opportunities for local barbershops, spas and more.

The changes are intended to help businesses diversify while also giving B.C. craft breweries a chance to expand their sales.

“Previously liquor primary licenses were only available to businesses in the hospitality, entertainment and beverage sectors,” said John Yap, Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Policy Reform. “The changes we’re announcing today will cut red tape for businesses like barbershops, salons, spas, cooking schools, art galleries and bookstores to name a few.”

Yap said at an event at Victory Barber & Brand in Victoria yesterday. #WinWin

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I wouldn’t say no to a nice martini or an extra tall glass of vino with my pedi!

Starting in January, Any business can apply for a license the same way bars and restaurants do, so long as it doesn’t operate from a motor vehicle or target minors as customers.

The standards will be kept the same as before, with all staff serving liquor at a business will be required to complete their “Serving-It-Right” training, and businesses will be under the same regulatory scrutiny.

The changes are part of B.C.’s years-long effort to modernize outdated liquor laws.

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