Things get intense in Shawn Mendes’ latest video for ‘Mercy’

Shawn Mendes’ much anticipated second album comes out this Friday!! (September 23rd) and he decided to give us a gift to hold us over until then.

The video for Mercy dropped yesterday and it’s pretty intense. All of the videos for the tracks on Illuminate have been pretty dramatic so I think it’s safe to say the 18-year-old Toronto singer is going to go for a much more mature sound with his brand new album.

There’s a lot of instrument playing, starring off into the moody distance followed by smashing said instruments.


Shawn Mendes is flying solo in this latest video and features 4 minutes of jumping back and forth between guitar playing and singing and drowning in a car?

Before you get all teary-eyed like Zac Efron, it’s okay, Shawn doesn’t die. The “Treat You Better” singer goes all Incredible Hulk and smashes the car window just in time.


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