If you watched the MTV VMA’s hopefully you caught one of the most talked about performances on stage that night from Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj:

Right after the show the two decided to drop the official video for the Side To Side remix and it’s everything you’ve probably imagined it would be. Two ladies who are running things in music getting down for some girl power through 3 minutes and change of the explicit version of their video with potty mouth pink princess Nicki spitting fire as usual:

If you thought Kanye’s video for Fade was enough to get you into the gym sweating to drop the pounds, Nicki and Ari picked dudes with 0% body fat to make you wanna hit the gym that much harder haha! Man I can’t catch a break. This video gives me all types of insecurity issues but leave it to James Corden to help restore the faith!

…oh and let’s hope Stephen Colbert doesn’t go up in flames for trying to be a part of Queen B’s lean mean VMA routine haha!

– The Ara Show


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