It’s been called ‘The Gay Bachelor’ and it’s Logo TV’s new reality dating show that involves 13 gay men vying for the heart of an interior design firm owner Robert Sepulveda Jr.

Hello friends! I’m excited to confirm that, YES, I am @logotv Prince Charming and what an incredible honor it is to be chosen for this role! You will watch as I look for love, go on dates and really get to know these incredible men! I’m ever so grateful to all who have helped this process along: Working with @lancebass has been yet another childhood dream realized; He’s a consummate professional with a heart of gold, the ambitious casting directors, Logo executives, the Brian Graden media team, the hard working production crew, the PA’s, and more, all working countless hours to bring the world what will be a beautiful symphony of hilarious moments of pure joy and fun, mixed with deep emotional thought provoking poignant authentic moments where we will dive deep into real issues affecting the LGBTQ community. I’ve had the privilege of meeting 13 amazing gentlemen from all walks of life, willing to share their hearts and stories not only with me, but with the world and isn’t that a beautiful thing! This process has allowed many of us to conquer issues from our past that we may have been afraid to talk about or share, but in doing so has allowed a healthy closure in those chapters, in turn regaining the power those pains may have held over us. Guilt and shame are feelings we are all too familiar with especially in the LGBTQ community and is a hard fact to face head on, but I can personally say this show has allowed me to conquer many of my own fears that I know will resonate with many of our viewers Gay or Straight, allowing the viewer an ability to find more clarity in their own lives whilst watching us deal and talk about our own individual issues. I ask you now to join us, join me, watch with your families, your Mom’s, your Dad’s, your boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses….Watch us, not only on my beautiful journey of finding love, but as we open the door to what will be yet another step forward in breakthrough LGBTQ media. I also want to thank my devoted family for their never waning support, love and acceptance. I only wish we all had families like mine. ?? #findingprincecharming #logotv | Airs SEPT 8!! On LOGO 9pm/8c

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Go out and conquer the day! Sending blessings and love to all! ?? #happythursday #itsalmosttheweekend

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Much Like the ABC show, ‘The Bachelor’, Robert will eliminate men, one by one until he selects his soulmate.

The show will be hosted Lance Bass and premieres Thursday, September 8th.

Check out the trailer above!

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