Group of attractive young people sitting around campfire in the dusk

Sorry dudes with guitars, you’ll have to find something else to sit around while you play Wonderwall to impress the ladies.


That’s right, until October 21st, or longer, we’ve got a fire ban. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to be snuffed out! Here are some other things you could sit around while you roast marshmallows and sing kumbiyah!


A fan with orange & red streamers tied it. Like what you did during Brownies when you were in the rec hall and couldn’t have a real fire!

Retro electric fan with red ribbons. Image made ??using two photos at native resolution.


A Himalayan salt lamp. It’ll cleanse your aura or whatever those things are supposed to do as well as give you something to tell ghost stories around. Bonus!

Burning salt lamp of Himalayan pink salt, dark vintage wooden background, selective focus



A lava lamp. It has the same hypnotizing effect as staring into the campfire while you contemplate the universe.

light lamp lava



You iPhone/Android/ or whatever smartphone of choice you have. Put that phone to good use so you’re not too busy snapping instead of interacting with your friends!


A pile of glow sticks. You camping trip just got lit! Now you can have a camp site rave. But it has to end by 11 because that’s when it’s quiet time at the campsite. You don’t want to be “that” campsite that everyone hates do you? DO YOU?!

box full of plastic glow sticks used in emergency lighting

A laptop playing a video of the fireplace channel. You can play a drinking game with this one. Take a shot every time you see the mysterious arm!

Five flashlights duct tapped together. 

Yeah. . . couldn’t find a stock photo for that one. But you can use your imagination.


If you have any more ideas for “alternative campfires” leave a comment or send is a tweet!

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