FACT: If you’re not careful, Reality TV can suck you in pretty quick! Season after season shows like Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race and more keep us glued to the tube (and hand-held devices) as we await laughs, drama, competition, drama, meltdowns and more. Wait…did I mention drama?

Whether you’re a superfan of all things Bachelor/Bachelorette and you’ve watched for years, or you’ve only just started watching, it’s pretty entertaining television especially when you throw some locals into the mix! Vancouver boy Jon Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend nominated him for the show and he thought: “Yeeeeeeah sure why not!” Jon was on one of the craziest seasons yet and the current season of Bachelor In Paradise (where the non-chosen go back for a second, third or fourth chance at love) is on fire too! So even though JoJo didn’t feel the spark to keep him around very long, he had a blast!

The dude who proudly rocked the kilt popped by The Ara Show to chat about looking for love, his thoughts on a few of the key contestants (including The Chad) and whether or not he thinks JoJo made the right choice! Take a look!

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