Kicking off our WHAM BAM Artist Insider with a look at local B.C. boys, Hedley!





5 very important things to know about Hedley before they take the stage:


1.They love Canada & Canada loves Hedley!  The band has been called the “king of all-format airplay” in Canada by Billboard magazine in 2014. Their crazy music videos are so well-known and 14 of them have hit No. 1 on the MuchMusic Countdown chart. Hedley has received more than two dozen Juno Award nominations and won two Juno Awards and many MuchMusic Video Awards.


Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends! XO – TH

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2. They’re a bunch of goofs! The four guys like to have fun and make music.


We’ll always be friends… – TH

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((Can you imagine what happens when Hedley and KiSS RADiO’s Ara get to talkin’..listen HERE))


3. Jacob Hoggard’s favourite ice cream flavour is Reese’s Peanut Butter. Solid.


#TBT – Just a typical morning with #TheHedleys. – TH

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4. They are often described as “Pop-Punk” but really span multiple genres. Jacob, the lead vocalist says: “We definitely infuse a little more reggae in certain songs, then all of a sudden go a little more gospel in other songs, or straight up ‘pop-punk attitude’ in other ones.” –


When I hear that rock and roll… – TH

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5. All else aside.. Jacob Hoggard has a very strong brow. And we appreciate it.


east van step side – @jacobhza

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Hedley takes the stage August 20th At WHAMBAM! Tickets to our summer music festival are available HERE!

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