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There’s been a lot of trash talk surrounding the new Suicide Squad movie. A LOT of trash talk. But hey, what do critics really know anyway right?! Without giving anything away, the films timeline is set after the death of Superman, and before the formation of The Justice League, where the worst of the worst meta-humans are brought together to battle an “evil entity” in the name of national security.

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These crazy kids don’t have a hope in hell of getting out of jail, sooooo the formation of their team (#squadgoals) comes as a nice alternative to rotting in a jail cell and it’s game on! Once they get a taste of each others talents and super skills, friendships are born and frenemies are made.

Image Credit: MoviePhone.com
(Image Credit: MoviePhone.com)

Hats off to those in charge for selecting such a stellar cast of actors and actresses who bring the film to life with incredible character interaction to, dare I say, rival the latest cast of Marvel kids. Ok…maybe I won’t go that far…but it’s pretty damn close! DC is finally beginning to get it right.

Image Credit: DailyMail.Co.Uk
(Image Credit: DailyMail.Co.Uk)

So…in the immortal words of the guy with the killer smile: “Why so serious?!” Some say there’s not enough screen time for Jared Leto as the manically magnificent Joker, others are griping about the fact that Margot Robbie’s brooklyn accent floats in and out of Harley Quinn’s pouty potty mouth, but really who cares?! Aside from a few head-scratching plot holes this movie has everything you could ask for from a superhero movie. Laughs? Check. Buff kickass bros and a kickass babe? Check. Explosions? CHECK! Fun? CHEEEECK!

Remember, the comics back in the day were super serious when they needed to be, and pretty campy too, with words like “BIF!” “BOP!” and “BLAAAAMMO!” used in print and on screen. If you go into the theatre with the mentality of expecting a fun movie with mind-numbing special effects and great on-screen chemistry between the leads you’ll come out smiling. Maybe an evil smile even…

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