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How about this season of Big Brother?! WOW!! My pick for the win didn’t win a single HOH but he did win the hearts of many viewers this season as the loveable loudmouth dentist affectionately referred to as Johnny Mac. Once the houseguests are sent packing we get to ask them a few questions and await their replies from the Jury House. Enjoy! – The Ara Show




So many people were rooting for you for the the win man. Johnny Mac the people’s champ! Just wait til you’re in the real world and you see how much of a superstar you are. Making Final Four is pretty badass and you worked the angles to make it this far. Was there anything you could have done to change Vanessa’s paranoid mind at that point?



There was nothing I could do to change her mind.  I think when I won the veto last week, it messed up her plans. She probably wanted to evict me last week and had to save face by agreeing to work with me this week. She got what she wanted and there was no way of changing her mind. Only thing I could have done differently is win the HOH or VETO.



Getting a second life in Big Brother is massive. Some of the houseguests were so shocked to see you get back in. If you could go back who do you wish you would have aligned with that you didn’t and would your targets have changed?



The only thing I would have changed, knowing how the competitions played out, I would have gotten rid of Steve instead of Austin. But it’s hard to do that at the time when you don’t know who is going to win the competitions. 



You went through the whole game without winning an HOH. You were on the block a million times. You won POV a bunch. All while being the most refreshingly hilarious houseguest in years. Take a few sentences to rate your game.



I was really, really bad at HOH competitions. I thought I was good at VETO competitions but people were letting me know they threw some of the competitions so I probably wasn’t as good as I thought. I would say my game was fair to really, really bad. 



Anything can happen in the Final Three. Do you think Liz has what it takes with jury votes to beat Steve and Vanessa or will the latter two inevitably face off in the end?



Liz has no chance against Steve or Vanessa because she really didn’t do a whole lot. Her competition wins were luck, nominations she made as HOH weren’t hers and she kind of hid in a three person alliance.