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Can’t wait to see what happens on the Big Brother finale next week! Once the houseguests enter the jury house this season we get to send them a few questions and await their answers. Enjoy! – The Ara Show




You looked like you’d seen a ghost when Vanessa sent you packing. Think back and give us the play by play.

Vanessa completely betrayed me. I knew it was a possibility because it’s Big Brother, but her whole game was about playing with integrity and not betraying me since we made a final two deal on the second day. She swore to me on her family, her girlfriend, the LGBT community and the Bible and she’ll have to deal with those consequences of making those pledges and going back on it. Then, I thought about Liz. I felt so bad that she would have to stay in that environment. Her heart is too good to play with people like this and I can’t be there to protect her. That’s the hardest part for me.


Going into this game you were playing a solo game and not long after you were playing a game of three with the twins. How hard was it to take other people games into consideration in the house?


It was never hard to take the twins game into consideration because I cared for them as much as I cared for myself. It was hard, however, protecting three people every week and I felt like I had to work overtime to ensure our safety.

Vanessa is the most paranoid player in the history of Big Brother. Looking back do you think that was her master plan all along to seem paranoid to the point of mental breakdown every week?


If that was her plan, then she’s crazier than Judas could ever be. I don’t know what her deal is for sure, all I know is that she sucks.

Was Johnny Mac coming back in the house the beginning of the end for the AusTwins alliance? What went through your head when he walked back in the house?


When Johnny Mac came back into the house, I thought it was the beginning of the end for the Austwins. However, he didn’t win HOH so we could have sent him right back to jury but Vanessa had other plans. She was the downfall of the AusTwins.

What was the ONE move you made that you now know you messed up?


Well, in week 5, it was trusting Jason with information about the twins, thinking he would work with us. I survived that, so the only other thing would be trusting Vanessa.

Will there be a real romance outside of the showmance with you and Liz?


100% yes.