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How crazy is this season of Big Brother?! Once houseguests are sent to the Jury House we get to send them a few questions and wait for their reply. Enjoy!




The move everyone is talking about is the one where you listened to Vanessa and faced off against Austin in the HOH challenge. That caused some major soap opera level drama in the house with you, your sis, and Austin. Why didn’t you just stick to the plan Julia?


I was always able to trust her as she was one of my closest allies. I never had a reason to doubt her. I thought she knew more about the situation than I knew and thought maybe Austin told her he wouldn’t throw the Veto. I couldn’t fully trust him because of his conversation with Jason that Vanessa told me about earlier in the game.


Sisters against each other on the block. Guess it had to happen at some point. At least you know Austin will take care of Liz. If you could give them both one piece of advice each moving forward what would it be and why?
I would say, stick with each other til the end since you two are the only people you can trust. 


The twin twist was sniffed out by almost everyone before you came into the house. How hard was it for you being the outsider coming in trying to make nice with everyone to last in the game week by week?


It was extremely difficult to establish my own identity since the houseguests knew me as Liz, not Julia. It was hard telling them about myself and surprisingly people didn’t really ask more personal questions about me. They sort of bunched us together as one person. 


Johnny Mac coming back into the house messed with your alliance hard. He’s played a strong social game even though he’s pretty terrible at comps. Had it been anyone else do you think you’d still be in the game or would nothing have changed?


I don’t think anything would have changed. Unfortunately, if you don’t win, you can’t make moves. It sucks to suck.  


Did you strictly target James because you knew he was coming for you and your crew? Aside from winning comps he didn’t seem like a big threat.


Yes. I loved him as a person but gamewise, I knew he was going to be the one to put Liz and I on the block since he was the one that liked to make the big moves. It was either he takes us out or we take him out, and we won. 


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