Adam Wylde gets Up Close & Personal with Marcus and Winston from Mumford & Sons, as they talk about their third album Wilder Mind 


PLEASE NOTE: These videos contain strong language that could be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.


The group played a series of intimate shows in select cities across North America, and asked fans to check their cell phones at the door. Marcus and Winston explain to Adam the thinking behind the cell phone ban.



The headlines about the groups new record have been focused on the guys ditching the banjo in favour of electric guitar and drums. Marcus and Winston explain the development of the bands new sound on Wilder Mind.



The guys took an extended break before reconvening to record the new the album. The guys talk about the break between albums, and how the music industry can be frustrating.



Watch the audio video for ‘Believe’, the lead single from the new Mumford & Sons album Wilder Mind!



Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind is available now on iTunes.