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Bri’s Cheese & Sleaze: Alicia Keys tries to make the BOWL CUT happen

Posted on by Bri

Rihanna, Willow Smith… even your little brother… have had the unfortunate bowl cut at some point (even though it should stay forever in the 60s where it belongs — with the Beatles and the Monkees.) And now Alicia Keys is trying to pull it off. NO.


alicia bowl sadness jpeg

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Bri’s Cheese & Sleaze: Justin Bieber has bangs again

Posted on by Bri

BREAKING NEWS: Justin Bieber got a haircut. Swoop, there it is.


bieber hair

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Scissor Weilding Intruder At Miley’s

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Miley Cyrus had to call the police with an intruder was caught in her home on September 7th with a pair of scissors. He was quickly arrested and Miley wasn’t hurt at all. It’s got to make you wonder, though… who breaks in with scissors? I’m guess he wasn’t a fan of the new haircut ;)


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