We all know when it comes to finding success on Tinder and other swiping apps, it really is a numbers game. More swipes = more matches = more chances to find that special TinderFella or TinderElla.

Now, there’s a kickstarter that can help you swipe away with ease and you don’t even have to hold your phone.

Presenting, the Tinda Finger!


The Tinda Finger creators describe it as “an essential accessory for any mobile dating user.”

How it works is it does the swiping for you. You plug it into the USB port on your phone and the thumb starts spinning across your screen, simulating the “right swipe” action you would use with your own finger to indicate your interest in matching with someone.

The designers claim that it can generate over 6000+ swipes per hour,  not only freeing up valuable time, but also maximising your chance of a potential date.

As of the writing of this blog, the Tinda Finger has raised £1,228 (approx $1,982 CAD)  pledged of the £2,000 goal. If you want to contribute, it’ll cost you about $11.30 CAD to get yourself a Tinda Finger. That seems like a pretty good deal for a pretty funny Christmas prank for that one person on your list that’s ALWAYS on their phone.


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