Software updates, all glass phones and FINALLY confirmation of the iPhone X


Today Apple held their annual event in California.

Details from today included OS updates, 3 new phones and an interesting name change to Apple’s brick & mortar stores.

We got the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Which will be glass front and back and come in 3 different colours.


Also confirmed, Animojis are coming to take your texting game to the next LEVEL


“One More Thing” said Time Cook as he reveal the much-speculated about iPhone X(ten). The new know is ALL screen, edge to edge display. As previously leaked, the latest reinvention of the iPhone will have no home button. Instead, facial recognition will be used to unlock the phone.

and just SOOOO much more that would be hard to cover all here. So check out one of the articles from CNET or the Verge and get ready to see all of these products on your loved one’s Christmas list.

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