This weekend, the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” shattered records earning $117.2 million, making it the largest ever opening for a horror movie and the largest September opening of all time. The film more than doubled the earnings of the previous record holders, and made more than the other 9 movies in this weekend’s Top 10 combined.


As if the movie wasn’t horrifying enough, people dressed as creepy clowns are showing up at screenings. It even happened here in Vancouver at a screening that our Music Director Kelsey attended last week (which she confirmed was terrifying AF).


Twitter user Chris (@HG_Hohbes) documented his experience when he walked into this big pile of NOPE.






All together now…






Now…imagine an ENTIRE movie theatre filled with clowns. Yes, there was a movie theatre chain in the US that did just that. The Alamo Drafthouse theater chain hosted clown-only screenings at many of its locations this weekend, where patrons were required to attend showings in full clown costumes.

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Somehow a bit less scary when you know what you’re walking into, as opposed to the pure horror that is having to unexpectedly sit next to a random dressed as a creepy clown.


In related news, the sequel to IT is already in the works.



(Not as pictured, but there really is a sequel coming soon)


Interested in seeing the movie? Here’s what some Twitter users are saying about the movie:



-Kevin and Sonia


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