It’s back-to-school week and unfortunately many people are still speeding through school zones so we conducted an on-air experiment to see if we could help make the roads safer – by using food.


In the past, you may have seen people online who have gotten speeders in their neighborhoods to slow down by using a hairdryer as a speed gun:



Since it worked well with a hairdryer, we thought we’d see if we’d have similar success…with an eggplant.


Here’s what happened when we tried our experiment just around the corner from a Vancouver school zone.




Listen to the full segment and results here:



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Kevin & Sonia

(LISTEN) Experiment: Can We Get Cars to Slow Down By Holding An Eggplant on the Roadside?

Originally Aired: September 7, 2017



Eggplants…not just for sexting anymore.


-Kevin and Sonia