Sometimes your $30,000 non-refundable wedding ends up getting cancelled. Happens to the best of us. So instead of moping about it, you could do what Indiana woman Sarah Cummings did.

See Sarah and her fiance decided to call off their wedding a week before it was going to happen, July 15th. Saturday. It doesn’t quite look like the couple are still together now either. So instead of a wedding, Sarah hosted a party for the homeless. The ex-fiance was cool with it.

wedding-homeless-indiana (1)
Sarah Cumming (right) welcoming guests to her impromptu homeless party (Kelly Wilkinson/Associated Press)


After her wedding was called off, Sarah contacted Indianapolis homeless shelters and explained her situation. She didn’t want the event to go to waste. She had a fully catered 170 people event already paid for. So the shelters  thought it was a wonderful idea, and got buses ready to bring their residents up to the swanky venue. Local tailors even got in on the charity, donating suits and fancy dresses for the guests to wear.

Guests got to enjoy bourbon-glazed meatballs and artichoke chicken breast with heaps of wedding cake. Some local veterans were also in attendance at the party.

So thanks to Sarah, some of Indianapolis’s less fortunate got a nice finely catered meal and a wonderful party

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