BIG BROTHER is your Summer addiction and every week we’ll be picking the brain of the evicted house guest to get the real deal on what went down in the house! Time to chat with Cody!

Why all the beef initially with you vs Paul, then the nastiness you vs. Josh and the blowup with Jessica vs. Christmas? We need to get some of you houseguests WWE contracts. 


Paul I didn’t like him in the other season – he’s loud and brash. The guy seemed like he just turned it on for the camera, which he does. The more I see it in the house, the guy is more of a showman about it – there’s a level of respect to showmanship. I mean I’m not, so I can’t really relate that aspect. But I also knew how dangerous Paul was going to be, because I saw him in his season. I like a fresh cast, I don’t like when vets return. If anything, personally I don’t mind the guy, when you know when there’s portions that aren’t going to be on TV, Paul is calm, cool and collected, talks normal, he’s not loud just to be loud. 

You nominated what seemed like half the house as HOH and Jillian kept finding new people to sit with on the block. The move to try and get rid of Paul shocked the hell outta your side of the house. What went through you’re mind when he played the pendant of protection cause you looked visibly upset. 


It was a third of the house that I actually nominated. I thought it was BS, you can’t tell me that Paul wasn’t going to get voted that first temptation, and then the fact that, the first temptation is three weeks of safety. It’s just a game cheat. And now he’s there for three weeks, able to play HOH competitions, able to play every competition. With the guy being a competition beast. You give that cheat to anybody in that game, they’re gonna be able to create all these great alliances, because everyone wants to chum up to that safety. I hated the temptation, because he was always going to get it. 


Paul’s a smart guy and you even gave him props and said respect when he said checkmate and put you up as the replacement nominee. You two are both alphas and could have worked together and instantly become honourary members of Chilltown ala Doctor Will and Mike Boogie, kept it on the DL, and systematically knocked people out. Did that thought ever cross your mind?


Not really, because he knew I was alpha, I knew he was alpha. We were always going to set up moves to take each other out. I’m not sure how long we could have worked together before the other struck, but I wasn’t going to allow him to strike first. 

You walk out the door and find out you could be walking right back in real soon with the Battle Back Showdown. If you get back in, aside from your future girlfriend Jessica, who would you work with and who do you want to target right away?


I’m going to target Mark and anyone around him right away. The craziest thing is, I’d probably work with Paul. 

Speed Round. First word that comes to mind thinking of these houseguests:

Kevin: Funny
Matt: Coward
Raven: Sweet
Jessica: Babe
Paul: Gamer
Josh: Loser

New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global
New episodes of Big Brother air Wednesdays at 8 pm, Thursdays at 9 pm, and Sundays at 8 pm on Global


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