A change has come…a big change…huge…monstrous…tyrannical even…

What the ACTUAL Top Hat yo!

Monopoly has made pretty massive game piece changes that have the internet going crazy!


Why mess with a good thing? Because they can that’s why! People are NOT happy!

No more wheelbarrow. Bye bye Thimble. Peace out Boot. Time for some new pieces to work their way around one of the best board games of all time. Two swimmers and an eater. Hopping on board (hehe…get it!) are a penguin, a duck in the form of a rubber ducky, and a badass T-Freakin-Rex!

Understandably T-Rex fans are all…

Now before you go ape on Hasbro, it wasn’t entirely their fault. The powers that be let us pick from a bunch of possible pieces and that’s when we, collectively as a society, decided that this makeover was worth our time, input, and opinion.


The votes poured in, and the game will never be the same again. That rhymes if you say it real slow. Anyway, let’s be thankful the hashtag, winky face, and bunny slippers didn’t make it into the final round.


Ummmmm no. Just no. T-Rex, Penguin, Rubber Ducky…we can deal with those – The Ara Show


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