Over the Weeknd Drake streamed his new album More Life and in one of the songs, he let us in on a bit of dirt on his previous relationship with J-Lo.

In the opening song “Free Smoke” Drake confesses “I drunk text J. Lo/Old numbers so I bounce back/Boy Wonder gotta bounce back”. Sooooo he’s basically saying she’s changed her number since their relationship right?

If that was enough he also samples her song “If You had My Love” and in it he says “Your heart is hard to carry after dark / You’re to blame for what we could have been / ’Cause look at what we are”.

Maybe now that J-Lo is dating A-Rod she changed the number so her ex’s wouldn’t be hitting her up while she’s out with her new boo?

Also what couple nick name do you think sounds better? Dra-Lo or J-Rod?? Hahah

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