The latest rent report from apartment hunting website Padmapper tells us what we already know…it’s insanely expensive to live in Van-city. Vancouver is the most expensive place to rent in Canada with an average one bedroom apartment going for a breathtaking $1,900/month and a two bedroom pad for $3130. That’s up $200/month since last summer for the single bedroom option, and $350 more for two bedrooms.

We’re followed by Toronto, Victoria and Montreal in the rankings for the most expensive city in our nation when it comes to rent. If the idea of paying that much to live in a shoebox in Vancouver proper, good news: a one bedroom in Abbotsford will run you $800 and you can even get a two bedroom for $900.

The city with the lowest rent in Canada this month is Saguenay, Quebec, where a one-bedroom apartment is going for as low as $490, and a two-bedroom is $600.
After hearing these stats, we suddenly have regrets that we didn’t bid on that BC Ferry that was on sale this week for $400,000. If you lived in it and put the anchor down in Coal Harbor, that’d be a steal. AND it would come with a Triple O’s in your living room!



-Kevin and Sonia

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