So Lady Gaga compliments your group and asks you to open for her on her tour.

Appropriate response?

Film a diss video with her featured in it and start hurling insults at her on Twitter…. Didn’t see that one coming. Find out what happened after the hop.

South Africa’s Die Antwoord declined Gaga’s request to open for her on the S.A. leg of her tour. Right after they put out their video for “Fatty Boom Boom” which features a Gaga look-alike ummm well watch and find out.

Once Gaga saw the video she tweeted:

“i fink u freaky but you don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmyshit. i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you’re a fan. never mind! we get it, you’re not a little monster. WE GOT IT.”

Die Antwoord hit back with:

“lady… even tho u r ‘larger’ than us… we still cooler than u… plus we don’t have prawns in our private parts.”

Ouch… I wasn’t sure about the song at first but the more I listen to it the more I think these two are pretty sick rappers. Here’s the vid. It’s NSFW, but really awesome.