Counting down Red Hot Topix of the week!! Check in weekly for your up-to-date scoop on Red Hot Celebrity Gossip, Make-Up’s & Break-Up’s, Fashionista alerts, New Tunes & More! Keeping you informed with a little extra flava!! New Vid Alert: 1D!! Katy Perry TOPLESS!! SPARKLE Movie Release! Jonas Bros Reunited? Drizzy & Breezy Lawsuit! Mariah & No Doubt @ NFL Kick off show! Tiny & VH1! Rihanna talks Chris Brown on OPRAH! RPatz on MTV! Oooh it’s juicy! More Deets after JUMP! 
10. Kim K. Behind Bars??
LUCKILY  for Kim Kardashian it’s not what it looks like! Kimmy will appear in the T.V. series ‘Drop Dead Diva’ this coming season!
According to Us weekly:  In an upcoming episode of Lifetime’s scripted series Drop Dead Diva, Kardashian’s character — relationship expert Nikki LePree — spends time behind bars. Wearing an orange jumpsuit, Kardashian, 31, ends up in the clink because Stacy Pakery  has too many parking tickets.
Her fellow cast member Brooke Elliot had some pretty good things to say about the reality star  “She knew her lines; she came very prepared. She was very kind and low-maintenance.”:
Regardless if you like Kim or not, one thing you have to admit is this Kardashian is DRIVEN!
9. Tiny on VH1!!
Tiny from the former group ‘Escape’ or should I say T.I.’s wife will be launching her new show ‘ Tiny Tonight ‘ on VH1!
If you’ve seen her on her previous show ‘ Tiny & Toya’ ( Lil Wayne’s Ex ) then you already know this mom of 4 and wife of a rapper has all the experience and insight to offer young women!

Here’s what Tiny said about the new show: “I’m very excited about that. I’ve been wanting to do a late-night talk show with my home girls—my friends—for a while now,” Tiny told VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz.”

“It’s the first late-night talk show on VH1. It’s just me and my home girls, and we’re just talking about what’s going on in the world,” said Tiny who described the upcoming series as a “younger version of ‘The View.’”

Well were excited too! No date has been confirmed as yet. But #RedsHotTopix will def give you the up date! ;)

8. Drizzy & Breezy Lawsuit!

Remember the BIG club brawl/ champagne bottle throwing in NYC a couple of months ago “allegedly” between Drake & Chris Brown?? Wellllllll the 2 have been served with a $16 MILLION lawsuit!!

A lawyer tied to the club says ” The two R& B stars are ultimately responsible for their followers behavior ”

Do you agree with this?? Either way $16 Mill?? Come ON Son!!!!

7. R Patz on MTV!

Mr. Broken Heart a.k.a Robert Pattinson had a chat with MTV about the release of his new film ‘Cosmopolis’ and feeling shy about his belly during the sex scene! Really R Patz?? Although the real question is what happened with Kristen Stewart, there was no mentioning the issue!

‘Cosmopolis’ will be in theaters August 24th! Check the trailer!



6. New Movie Release: ‘SPARKLE’

Jordin Sparks & Whitney Houston ‘Sparkle’ on the Big screen in this new film about a girl dreaming and making it big!! Whitney plays a single mom of  3 who manages an artist named yep! You guessed it ‘ Sparkle’!

Unfortunately this is the last time we will see Whitney on the big screen…  Critics claim Ms. Houston’s performance was AMAZING!! Here’s a sneak peak!


5. Rihanan on OPRAH!

1 More day until we get to see the full interview of Rihanna with Oprah on OWN! Here’s the latest promo vid released and Oprah goes thurrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Check it!


4. Katy Perry TOPLESS?!?!

Ohhh my! Don’t get it confused with Kim K.! Katy Perry goes TOPLESS for Make – Up artist Jake Bailey’s portfolio! Lucky guy you said??

3. Jonas Bros Reunite!


After a 3 year break the Jonas Brothers will reunite for a 1 Day show ONLY! On October 11th at NYC Radio City Music Hall! One Day only?? Ya right!!!

2. Mariah Carey & No Doubt will PERFORM @ NFL Kick Off Show!

Just IN: Mariah Carey will perform her NEW single ‘Triumph’ and No Doubt will do ‘Settle Down’ at the NFL pre-game September 5th! The New York Giants take on the Dallas Cowboys at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Now sum of us ladies have a reason to get excited for football season to start! ;)

1. 1 D  covers ‘ Wonderwall’

Your FAV boy band has just released a NEW Vid for ‘ Wonderwall’! The song has been re – done a gazillion times but if your a true ‘Directioner’ then this will be all that matters!


And if your an Oasis fan then check below! Enjoy & have a gr8 weekend! Catch you this Sat and Sun 8 A.M. – 2 P.M.on SONiC!!