#RedsHotTopix: Mariah Carey For O.P.I.!!! Back to SCHOOL with Haul?! R Patz  MTV Interview!! New ‘DOOO’ for Miley! Spice Girls ROCKED the Olympics! More Deets after JUMP! 

Yeppers! Miley Cyrus cut it all OFF!! She tweeted a teaser pic with her stylist last night that read: “It’s happening”. And let’s just say it HAPPENED!!

Apparently her fans weren’t thrilled about the cut so she tweeted “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all”

OOOOk then! On to the NEXT….

- Mariah Carey For O.P.I.!

Woot! Woot! I think I speak for all fashionista’s! Mariah Carey is teaming up with Nail Polish pro’s O.P.I. for a LIMITED edition collection!! The only thing is we have to wait till January 2013! Hmmm I wonder if they will be taking pre-orders!

- R Patz Interview with MTV!

This Thursday MTV will doing a LIVE sit down interview with Robert Pattinson! The interview will be for his new film ‘Cosmopolis’ and possibly ‘Breaking Dawn 2′.He has made it clear there will be no talks about his break up with Kristen Stewart.  So if you were planning to tune in to get the scoop don’t bother!

- Spice Girls ROCK the Olympics!

Last night The Spice Girls ROCKED the stage during the closing ceremony! These ladies didn’t skip a beat!! The highly anticipated show was well worth the wait! And if your a hardcore fan and in London this December then go check them out for their new musical inspired by their pop life!

BTW I wish I had gotten a Spice Girl Doll years ago! Talk about collectors item!

- Back to SCHOOL with Haul!?!?!

Times are a changing! Have you heard about ‘Haul’?For the past 2 years ‘Haul’ has been a growing trend especially for young women who want to share their great fashion finds! The good thing is all the vids are positive feedback about products consumers wouldn’t usually buy or are excited to get their hands on. Companies support the idea and sometimes give product sponsorship as a form of pay!!! (Sign me UP!)

According to an online study Haul will influence 57% of apparel purchases this year! And back to school shopping is NO exception for the trend! So get FAMILIAR!



Thx to GP for the Tip! ;)