RedsHotTopix: Kate Upton goes Semi NUDE! Rihanna & Oprah promo vid! No Doubt album cover released! More after jump!

No Doubt is back!you’ve probably heard the buzz and the hot new single ‘Settle Down’ on SONiC! Their New Album ‘Push & Shove’ drops Sept 25th! Check out the cover! Is it me or does it look like something you could have made too?!??!!

- Kate Upton NUDE!

Ok! I have something for the guys this time! Kate Upton goes semi – nude for Contributor magazine!! And for the ladies… Well her outfits can be found @ Marciano!

- Oprah’s interview with Rihanna Promo!

Only a  week later the promo vid for Oprah Winfrey  and Rihanna’s Next chapter is out!! And Oprah says she was expecting ‘A bad Ass’ when she met Rih and her experience was far from that… Check the Vid! Barbados is also my home island so watching this vid brings tears to my eyes to see how far Rihanna has made it. I have a feeling it did for Oprah since she came from ‘humble beginnings’ as well. August 19th you can watch the full episode on OWN! I know I will be!