#RedsHotTopix! 2 NEW JAY.Z.. Commercials!!! NEW VID Alert: J.Lo & Flo Rida! Kelly Clarkson covers ‘Wide Awake’, Madonna New Shoe Line! Nicki Minaj Fan Get’s POUNDED by Security! J.B. Vid TEASER!

Jigga’s a busy man! With a new Baby and talks about #WTT2 in the works he still has time to endorse Duracell Powermat and Budweiser?? Check out the New commercials! Duracell is a good match but Budweiser?? Guess we have to wait till Sept to find out more about  the Budweiser ‘Made in America Festival’! More After Jump!


Some words of Wisdom from Jigga man…

Through all the lines and things that are put in place to divide us,  all  like-minded people gather together. We’re more curious than ever. We create music to express ourselves and when the world relates that’s a beautiful thing.

We’re all trading off each others culture so no matter  what lines you put–country, indie, rock, rap–we’re all somehow gonna  find a way to come together because the lines and titles can never keep us apart.

This is what we’ve been. To put that on display for the world is just being honest. That’s it, that’s what it’s all about.  We are finally living out our creed.



- New VID Alert: J.Lo & Flo Rida!

WOW!!! J.Lo looks amazing in this New Vid ‘I’m Going In’! 3 things… Where did she get that lipstick?? Casper is a ghost in this Vid! And Holy Flo Rida!!!  Peep it for yourself!!



- Kelly Clarkson covers ‘Wide Awake’

Last Tuesday in Cali, a slimmer, blonde Kelly Clarkson treated her fans to an acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’. From the cheers and applause sounds like it did the trick!

- Madonna ‘Truth Or Dare’ Shoe Line!

Yes! Our ‘Material Girl’ is once again using her brand ‘Truth Or Dare’ but this time it’s the name of her show line! Madonna and Aldo will be releasing the collection this August for fashionista’s to get a head start for fall! The shoes range from $89 – $369 And soon will be followed by a ‘Truth Or Dare’ Fashion line. Now that might be a little bit more DARING!!!

- Nicki Minaj Fan ‘POUNDED’ By Security!

Have you ever had the feeling to just run up on stage while your fav artist was performing?? Well this overzealous fan rushed the stage to get near Nicki Minaj! After you see this you may not want to try it!


- J.B. ‘As Long As you Love me’ Vid TEASER!